International moves

international house removals

When you decide to move to another country it is not an easy decision as you are moving not just your house. You are going to leave all good memories and times with your family and friends. It is a decision you make a year or at least couple of months before your move. Sometimes you need to make a quick decision to move internationally when you get a lifetime opportunity for a project, job or business. This time is very uncertain what will happen after you will move. Competent Removals understand that and come here to help you in this time.

International moves

International moves by london moves is one of the special services we always put our best effort to make sure you are very happy from the service. When providing international moves we will provide you packaging materials and can also help you in packing all your belongings and give free advice how to pack everything so it is easy to find and secure while it will be removed to another country.

Competent Removals are very flexible how and when you want to have your belongings delivered to your new home in another country. We can arrange a meeting and discuss all your needs when you want your furniture and other valuables collected from your current flat or house. You can be sure everything will be taken with care and secured in removal vans. We will deliver all your belongings to your new house or flat in another country as agreed with you and help you with unpacking of vans.

Why you can trust Competent Removals to provide you International moves?

Competent Removals are very strong team of young men who have over 7 years of experience in removal industry. We have experienced drivers who always help in packing and unpacking of your belongings. Our team works hard to make sure all operation is as quick as possible. Our team of young men make sure they do work effectively and with all manners to secure all your belongings when packing your valuables. We value your furniture and all equipment you are removing to another country. As we understand you want to have everything in the same order when you arrive to another country. After you will move with your family to another country we will make sure we clean your house or flat you have left to the perfect condition. If you were renting your landlord will be happy having clean property after you left. Beside house cleaning we will also do carpet cleaning to make sure your flat or house is left perfectly clean